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Hi there!  We are Craig and Keely Kotilinek of CSK Creative.  Our story began in 2015 after meeting each other through mutual friends. Funny thing is neither one of us had any plans to ever get married and then low and behold, that’s exactly what we ended up doing in 2017.  Fast forward to today and we are a husband and wife team that specializes in storytelling through visual creations.  We are creative individuals that absolutely crave to capture beauty and love in its purest form from the very beginning.

We enjoy learning a couple’s story and getting to know them better before any project so that the result is the most magical warm and honest reflection of the relationship.  Every story is unique and beautiful and therefore should be told that way.  To us, the little details are the most important, and your input is always valuable.

We provide you with an extensive amount of experience, well over 12 years of making films.  We still to this day work different markets such as commercial and editorial to keep our skills up to date and stay ahead of the latest trends.  We’re outside of the box thinkers because originality is key in video production.

We’re always up for a chat, so please feel free to reach out with any questions.  We look forward to speaking with you!