Our rates are competitive with high-quality wedding videographers.  Many of our clients are very private individuals who respect our unobtrusive presence (we make the wedding about you, not us) and are willing to pay for high quality without any of the unprofessionalism. This is what you’ll get with Florida Wedding Videographer.

Every wedding is so unique that we don’t like to put cookie-cutter price sheets together because they limit our ability to be nimble in our pricing and adapt to different circumstances.

What every couple that chooses us will receive is this:

  • Personalized attention where you call the shots on what you’d like your final video to be.
  • Music tracks of your choice, or our suggestion if you prefer
  • Five USB sticks pre-loaded with your wedding video so you can upload to social media, youtube, vimeo or anywhere else you choose. If you need help with this we are happy to provide technical assistance.
  • Storage of your wedding video so you will always have the memories in case you happen to lose your original copy.